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9 Retirement Killers

Retirement is the No. 1 goal of investors. Yet, looking at the numbers, it's clear that many investors are undermining their good intentions with unfortunate actions. Here are nine mistakes to avoid if you want your retirement dreams to become a reality.

This Could Destroy Your Retirement

I'm sure none of us has spent time with our grandparents without hearing statements like "I remember when the movies only cost a quarter" and "A thousand dollars sure doesn't buy what it used to."

How to Retire With Absolutely Nothing

My friend's mother, Paige, is a swell lady. She's loving, devout, and embodies the virtue of hope.

The Ivy League Secret to Retiring Rich

If you want to turn thousands into millions, you've got to invest like the best. But you don't have to pay $50,000 a year for an Ivy League education. This lesson is absolutely free -- and could make you rich.

Don't Blow Your Retirement With One Mistake

I'm not saying the small sacrifices don't matter.

Generation X's Last, Best Hope for Retirement

If older Americans are in trouble when it comes to their retirement planning, Generation X is in big trouble, because:

Prepare for a Gruesome Retirement

It's time for some tough love. After all, I want you to have a comfortable retirement doing all the things you've desired.

Give Your Retirement a Last-Minute Boost

Every now and then I get an email from a reader that goes like this:

"I'm 61. I only have $[not a lot] saved for retirement. What can I do?"

Why You Need to Earn 10%

Odds are that like me, you've heard plenty about asset allocation. You've read that as we get older, it can make sense to move some of our money out of stocks and into bonds. Many advisors would even park a sizable chunk of your money into bonds right now, even if you're still 10 or 20 years away from retirement.

Set It, Forget It, Regret It

Know what really drives me nuts? The whole "fire and forget" mentality around retirement investing.