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Health Insurance ... or Else

Health insurance can protect you from huge medical bills. Yet for a variety of reasons, many people go without health insurance. Now, government leaders are taking a new approach toward making sure everyone gets the medical care they need.

Don't Wait for the Flood

Here's a bit of insurance trivia for you: Nearly 25% of all claims the National Flood Insurance Program pays out are for policies in low- to moderate-risk areas. This statistic should serve as a reminder that even if you don't have a beachfront home, or a lovely cottage on a lake, or even a trailer down by the river, you might still want to make sure you've got sufficient protection against floods.

If you're assuming that your home insurance policy covers flooding, you're probably wrong. Most such policies don't. In fact, grab a copy of your policy. I'll wait. You might be surprised by what's not covered when you sit down to read it. I found out that my own policy didn't protect me against earthquake damage, so I opted to pay a little extra for that.

Here's another thing that might surprise you: If you're watching a TV reporter standing in a rain slicker, describing a hurricane that's pounding the shore a few states away from you, it's too late to buy flood insurance to protect yourself from that storm. Flood insurance policies typically take a month or so to kick in.

Keep Life Insurance Simple

Often, simple things do the job best. But that'll never stop people from trying to improve on simple things. And while some of those efforts bear fruit, you're often be better off with the original.

Praying for Better Insurance

Would you trust your insurance policy to a higher power? Meet the GuideOne Insurance Company, self-described as "America's leading insurer of churches, churchgoers, and faith-based institutions.&

When to Buy Long-Term Care Insurance

You may struggle with the question of whether or not to buy long-term care insurance. But if you decide that you want it, choosing when to buy it can be even more of a challenge.

Are You About To Get Dumped?

What do you mean it's me and not you?

Those words hurt, no matter who utters them. But they can be particularly painful when they come in a "Dear John" letter from your home insurer.


Naked in a Sea of Risk

By Dan Caplinger

Going without insurance can spell disaster for your finances. If no one will sell you the insurance you need, though, how are you supposed to protect yourself?

This Stupid Mistake Cost Me More Than $20,000

By Brian Lawler

One of the biggest health-care mistakes that anyone can make is also one of the easiest to avoid. Electing to forgo health insurance when between jobs can cost you thousands of doll

Home insurance covers less than most think

San Francisco -- Large numbers of U.S. homeowners wrongly believe standard insurance policies protect them from flood and other perils, an industry survey found.