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Google: The ‘Hunt’ Engine

With the new privacy policy in place from March 1, 2012, our favorite search engine Google could well turn out to be a ‘hunt’ engine, preying on our privacy.

‘Military Component’ Final Option - Obama

In his most expansive remarks on the issue thus far, President Barack Obama, in an interview, said that Iran and Israel both should understand that "a military component" is among a mix of many options for dealing with Iran, along with sanctions and diplomacy.

N. Korea changes stance, says ready for disarmament

The world political scenario at the Korean peninsula suddenly has started to seem like an adventure novel that springs a new turn to the story even as the fix is perceived to be at its highest point.

China Shows Signs of Abating Over Disputed Waters Confrontation

A top US commander said Tuesday that China’s friction has been ebbing over the months as the Communist country has been observed to be indulging in fewer confrontations with its neighbors.

Assad to be treated as war criminal -- US

For the violence Syrian President has unleashed on his people in the past 11 months to suppress the uprising, he is fit to be termed as a war criminal, says Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

U.S And Israel Divided On Iran’s Nuclear Issue

The latest reports confirm that U.S. has sharply disproved of Israeli’s stand on attacking Iranian nuclear sites. "There are alternative measures to forbid the Islamic nation from making atomic bomb" says the U.S.

Facebook Goes Public

From a dorm room on the campus to Wall Street, the astounding success story of Facebook makes nothing short of an intriguing fairy tale!

United Kingdom Has No Industry Anymore: Nicolas Sarkozy

French President Nicolas Sarkozy, nearly 3 months away from the Presidential elections is trying to clench his presidency seat for the second time. The elections are scheduled to be held on April 22 and May 6 in 2 rounds.

Protesters Of Occupy DC Musing Measures To Deal With Ban On Overnight Camping

Occupy DC, predecessor of Occupy Wall Street (OWS) that took place last year in New York is facing a new problem which came into being when National Park Service authorities ordered the activists to cease camping overnight at the sites which are a few block away from the President's abode 'The White House'.

Salvation Army bell-ringer robbed

A Salvation Army bell-ringer was robbed at knife point by a group of men at his post outside a Kmart store in North Canton, Ohio.