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Facebook Sues Spammer For Fake Sex Tapes Of Bieber And Selena

Facebook has taken legal action against the alleged spammer for posting fake sex links that featured the popular singers, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. The Court papers that were filed indicate that Christopher Peter Tarquini was the brain behind the fake messages on the facebook. The facebook users when they clicked on the link were redirected to those websites that offered enormous payments to Mr.Tarquini for his “deed”.

Pinterest Establishes Partnership With Getty, Agrees To Pay For Metadata

Pinterest users would have experienced several challenges these days such as links with dead end or not finding relevant search results for pins.

T-Mobile says No to Huge International Roaming Charges

In an endeavour to obliterate huge international roaming charges, T-Mobile has entered into a deal that would aid in washing away such charges in more than 100 countries.

Is Samsung trying to copy Apple?

Samsung has been a major player in mobile phone industry for quite sometime now. There has always been speculation of Samsung copying Apple; Apple suing Samsung for infringement of patents. Then, Samsung suing Apple for the same, but this time did samsung actually crossed the line.

Apple Press Event: No more a Veil on iPhone5C and iPhone5S

iPhone 5C

Finally the veil on Apple's phones was removed on Tuesday in its press event. The behemoth announced the much awaited features of the phones of the year; iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c at the press event on Cupertino California. Apple is going to release these phones on September 20th.

Apple working on iPhone 6, new report claims

According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, Apple is reportedly testing 6 inch iPhones which would be 2 inches more than the current iPhone model.

Season of Leaks! BlackBerry Z15, Z30 Smartphone Demo Images Spotted Online

In the season of leaks, Blackberry's Z30 and Z15 have come across a demo image leak.

Microsoft scrambles forward for overhauling and reshuffling!!

Phew!! Microsoft has its hands full!! The tech giant is busy with overhauling and has recently announced a major reshuffling of the company’s structure. Will the organizational chart at Microsoft now be spelling innovation?

Tablet prices tumult? HP, Amazon in cut-throat competition

It’s a tablet war out there, folks! Watch out for those falling prices and a flood of new tablets and devices flushing the markets. Amazon slashes its prices, so we think it’s time to head out straight to the stores for some tablet purchases.

Intelligence agencies snoop into personal email metadata? Why?

Snooping into the personal emails? Well, under the patronage of the Obama administration, the National Security Agency has been doing exactly that for nearly two years!! The Agency has been peering carefully into the Meta data available on email accounts of Americans.