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President Obama to initiate reforms in Surveillance Programs

President Barack Obama stated in unambiguous terms that he would not stop the U.S. government’s surveillance programs that have come under fire both from national and international quarters.

Assad, Annan engage in talks

In a desperate effort to instill some peace in rife-torn Syria, U.N. Arab League envoy Kofi Annan held talks with Bashar al-Assad this weekend, but appeared to be making little headway.

Energy Companies Pull a Blackwater

Norwegian energy company Statoil said last week it was forming a special operations division to handle emergency operations in response to a terrorist attack on a natural gas facility in Algeria.

Anonymous to target President Obama’s State of Union Address

Online hactivist group Anonymous intends to take the State of Union Address off the internet. The group intends to cut off the Capitol from the web during the President’s address. This agitation is because of the lack of attention given to the issues important to the group.

Iran To Resolve Nuclear Issue Only If West Lift Sanctions

As Iran’s nuclear stand continues to baffle world political leaders, the Islamic nation reassures resolving the issue only if the west initiates lifting of the sanctions.

Suu Kyi's Landslide Victory Makes West Reconsider Sanctions

As Myanmar’s pro-democratic leader Aung San Suu Kyi witnesses sweeping success in the parliamentary by-elections, speculations beef up that the western nations might lift up the sanctions leveled against the nation during junta regime.

Obama’s Korean DMZ Visit Before Seoul Nuclear Summit

Amidst the Republican accusations that the President has not been tough enough on the America's foes, Obama's first ever visit to the Demilitarized Zone(DMZ) separating North and South Korea has been seen as an epitome of solidarity in U.S.-South Korean alliance.

Belarus On EU’s Sanctions Hitlist

Continuing human rights abuse and a reluctance to free political prisoners has led EU widen its scope of sanction on Belarus’s authoritarian regime.

Japan warns North Korea over rocket launch

The Korean peninsula is going up in fireworks literally, as the recent announcement by North Korea regarding the launching of their own satellite has lit controversies in the world political circles.

Iran to reciprocate ‘on the same level’ if attacked

Any attack on Iran by Israeli or American forces will invite retaliation ‘on the same level’ and that the west is making a grave mistake by threatening Iran, the country's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has said.