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Can time be turned back by the "larvae responsible" mature honey bees?

Swindling older, scavenge bees into doing community activities inside the hive causes changes in the molecular structure of their brains. Science experts at the Arizona State University have ascertained that adult mature honey bees can successfully reverse brain aging when they acquire nest responsibilities that are normally undertaken by the younger bees.

Weight worries could cut women's career ladder short

Constant worries about weight could seriously damage a woman’s career prospects, findings of a new study warn.

No link between cutting salt intake and heart health -- study

Advice to cut back your sodium intake should be taken with a pinch of salt, claims the latest medical research.

Google to shut down health, power services

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After being online for three years, curtains are now falling on the Google's Health and PowerMeter services. Lack of public interest has prompted the closure, said the company.

347 million adult diabetics worldwide -- study

Test for blood sugar level

The number of diabetic adults worldwide has risen to 347 million, finds a new study, which also suggests the cost of treatment will increase, causing a burden on the health systems of all nations.

Climber dies after scaling summit of Alaska’s Mt. Mckinley

Tragedy has struck at Mount McKinley again. An Alaskan climber died Friday morning after scaling the summit of North America's highest peak.

Cleveland Clinic to wind up Huron Hospital in 90 days

Cleveland Clinic announced Monday that its Huron Hospital will cease operations in the next 90 days.

Sleep deprived brains doze off while you are awake--study

Have you ever absent-mindedly put salt in tea or coffee instead of sugar? If so, blame it on certain parts of the brain that might have gone offline, states a new study.

Unable to perceive lies, sarcasm? It's a warning sign of dementia

A new study suggests that inability to perceive lies and sarcasm could be a warning sign of impending dementia, the degenerative condition which is characterized by a progressive deterioration in cognitive function.

Olive leaf extract can significantly lower BP--study

Looking for a natural remedy for high blood pressure? Try olive leaves, as a new study has found that olive leaf extract can significantly lower high blood pressure and treat hypertension.