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Is Samsung trying to copy Apple?

Samsung has been a major player in mobile phone industry for quite sometime now. There has always been speculation of Samsung copying Apple; Apple suing Samsung for infringement of patents. Then, Samsung suing Apple for the same, but this time did samsung actually crossed the line.

Apple Press Event: No more a Veil on iPhone5C and iPhone5S

iPhone 5C

Finally the veil on Apple's phones was removed on Tuesday in its press event. The behemoth announced the much awaited features of the phones of the year; iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c at the press event on Cupertino California. Apple is going to release these phones on September 20th.

EA's Real Racing 3 gallops to a spectacular start

EA's Real Racing 3

Electronic Arts is basking in the glory of a dream debut of its real racing simulator Real Racing 3, which has been downloaded more times than the earlier two versions of the game combined!

Angry Birds register record shattering sales on Christmas

Angry Birds register record shattering sales on Christmas

Angry Birds, the world’s favorite bird slinging game, clocked record shattering sales on Christmas last year and set up a new record that most games will find hard to break.

Project X most pirated movie of 2012 amidst falling privacy

Project X was the most pirated movie of 2012, while the overall piracy numbers keep falling. Here is a close look at the numbers and some notable absentees.

‘Make Me Asian’ Android App triggers outrage

Apparently racist Android App triggers outrage

An Android app that allows users to alter their facial features to resemble Asian stereotypes has been dubbed as racist and Asian community in the US is demanding its removal.

Three reasons why the Apple iPad bites the Surface

Although both the brand labels have attested their own set of loyal users, but still the iPad emerges as a superior device to the Surface

Now Microsoft 'Surface(d)' in court by a California lawyer

Allegations have been made against the company for providing lesser storage space than advertised in the recently launched tablet Surface.

Now an app to sync XBOX 360 with your Smartphone!

SmartGlass app allows users to connect the XBOX 360 with the mobile phone and play games on it

XBOX 360 bids farewell to Facebook and Twitter!

The Microsoft updates will re-boot the Xbox system, removing the existing apps and launch IE9 on the console platform!