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European Commission finds Samsung guilty of abusing position

Samsung Vs. Apple war rages on

The European Union’s European Commission has found Samsung guilty of abusing its dominant position by requesting for injunctions against products of its main rival, Apple Inc.

Instagram goes back to its old terms after users complain and threaten to quit

Instagram has listened to its users and reassured them of the changes

Instagram has responded to the backlash that it faced from its community of users who were miffed with the company's new terms of advertising.

As Apple-Samsung wrangle, Judge offers truce

Apple Samsung rivalry

Who will have the final laugh in the ongoing global rivalry between tech giants – Apple or Samsung? Or is a truce plausible – as offered by a federal judge in San Jose, Calif?

Honda to make few changes to the CR-Z Hybrid model

Honda to make few changes to the CR-Z Hybrid model

With not much changes done to the appearance, the mechanics have been improved by boosting the power and fuel efficiency

Apple’s settlement with HTC: Beginning of a new era?

Apple’s settlement with HTC

All sorts of conclusions can be drawn from the recent settlement between Apple and HTC. While one can infer that not too much is there to be read into it, another conclusion that can be drawn is that Apple might be moving in a different direction under Tim Cook than earlier.

Carmakers to woo customers with 10 new models this festive season

If you have been holding back your purchase decisions, this is just the right time to prop up your motoring desires!

Boost for Tata Motors amid reports of new Range Rover

Boost for Tata Motors amid reports of new Range Rover

Indian automotive heavyweight Tata Motors got a big boost on Wednesday as reports of possible release of new Range Rover poured in.

Netflix, Pinterest, Instagram, and Heroku hit by Amazon outage

The US-East-1 data center operated by Amazon Web Services was knocked out by hurricane-like thunderstorms which ripped across Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, and Virginia on Friday night, leaving more than 3.5 million people without power.

Australia leads the way for world's largest marine park

The world's largest network of marine parks to protect ocean life, with limits placed on fishing and oil and gas exploration off the coast are being planned by Australia.

Facebook Goes Public

From a dorm room on the campus to Wall Street, the astounding success story of Facebook makes nothing short of an intriguing fairy tale!