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Post-Kahn, Can IMF Get Its Act Together?

The arrest of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, International Monetary Fund's (IMF) managing director, on sexual assault charges comes at time when world economy is delicately poised. The arrest has spread uncertainty over global efforts to deal with Europe’s debt crisis and cast doubts about the future of the IMF.

US gas prices rise to $4 a gallon

According to the Lundberg Survey of fuel prices released Sunday, regular unleaded gas in the United States has touched $4 per gallon, up 11.98 cents in the past two weeks.

US adds jobs in April, jobless rate also rises

In another sign of economy recovery, the United States created around a quarter-million new jobs in April, reveals a recent report released in Friday.

Silver prices plunge, gold falls in tandem

Gold, silver prices fell dramatically in early Monday trade in Asia.

Mortgage servicers reach compromise decree on foreclosure fiasco

The officials from the Department of Housing and Urban Development, Justice Department and 10 state attorneys general met with representatives of 14 largest mortgagers of the U.S. and reached a settlement to compensate house owners who incurred losses due to faulty foreclosures.

US home prices fall, touch 9-year low

The sale of pre-owned house in the United States continued its downward journey and dipped by 9.6 percent to touch an all time low in 9 years.

US markets continue plunge amid fears of nuclear crisis

Japan crisis loomed large on the U.S. markets as they continued their downward trend for the third consecutive day. The political turmoil in Bahrain and weak report on the housing sector also contributed to the loss.

Republicans pushing through measures to curb rights of unions in Wisconsin

In a 18 to 1 vote, Republicans in the Wisconsin state senate have passed the measures curbing the rights of the public sector unions.

Number of people getting unemployment benefits touches two year lowest

The number of people claiming unemployment benefits has fallen unpredictably in the last week, according to a government report released on Thursday. The number fell even below a key level which indicates the creation of more jobs in times to come.

Stock markets plunge as crude prices soar

Crude oil futures continue to soar in the United States and havetouched the two year high of $100 per barrel. Its impact was visible on the stock markets, as the the share prices fell in the European as well as the U.S. markets.