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Samsung group conflict defames memorial service for founder

The two branches of Korea's largest family dynasty will hold separate memorial service ceremonies for the company's deceased founder

Divorcing? What Happens to Your Home Mortgage?

Separation or divorce are traumatic times for both the partners, but cool-headed pragmatism helps execute the split effectively, financially as well as emotionally.

Women can spot gays with gaydar:Study

Have you ever lied to a woman about your sexuality? Beware, as a latest study reveals that women can easily identify a gay and straight man.

6 Money Issues That Can Wreck Marriage

Money creates problems in a marriage when couples fail to adjust to each other’s spending and saving habits.

Spouse Lying About Money? Here's Why

Everybody lies occasionally about the way they spend their money. But this can drive a marriage towards disaster if one constantly overspend without your partner’s knowledge and consent.

Planning a Winter Wedding? Here're Ways to Cut Costs

The two good things about planning your wedding during late winters are that you get a reason to get cozy and that you can pull some great discounts.

4 Post-Marriage Financial Blunders to Avoid

We suggest that you start planning your finances even before you have tied the nuptial knot. What you decide today can have a huge bearing on your future bank balance.

Coping with Unemployed Spouse: Offering Help and Support

Marriage can be a source of strength and support during difficult times, like joblessness. There are many ways in which you can assist your spouse adapt to the condition of being without a job. You can even aid your partner in his job hunt.

Discuss Financial Compatibility Before Saying ‘I Do’

Money is one of the most common issues married couples argue over. Arguments occur because over the years each person develops his or her own unique money personality.

Prenuptial Agreement: Is Getting One a Good Idea?

Most people preparing to get married do not think that they might seek a divorce sometime in the future. But the sad truth is many marriages do end in a divorce.