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Google to unveil flight search in India?

Google is all set to unveil a flight search feature in India which will let users book flights directly from the internet giant. The service will make it a direct rival to existing travel booking sites.

Leaked Android 4.3 screenshots reveal several changes!

Supposedly the new operating system for the Samsung Galaxy S4 Google edition, the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean is no longer a surprise for the consumers as its screenshots have been leaked and appear online.

Now, a camera that gathers scents!

What do most of us do to capture personal moments to iconic events? We take photographs and record audio and video clips to remind us of that special time and place!

Instagram attacked by a fruit wielding spammer!

Has your Instagram feed been spewing fruit images over the weekend?

Apple tests motion detection in iOS 7 for iPhone, iPads

Yet another revelation from the Apple world. According to latest sources, it is believed that Apple is in the testing phase of its new motion detection technology for its iPhone and iPad users.

The latest preview of IE 11 talks about massive changes

With the Windows 8.1 unfolding, Microsoft is all set to release the preview of Internet Explorer 11(IE 11) as outlined by ZDNet. Most of the expectations were not fulfilled as the Microsoft's Build conference had nothing to talk about the latest IE version, however the preview of the newest version of IE does talk about some interesting features.

A healthy heart maybe just a smartphone away!

Imagine a smartphone that can transform into medical equipment, helping to diagnose cardio problems and ease the fears of countless hypochondriacs!! A new smartphone may soon alter the way we manage healthcare by cautioning us of a looming heart attack.

Nokia takes swings at iPhone 5 in Lumia ad

We all are aware of Samsung’s Apple bashing ads, now its Nokia’s turn to take jibes at the Cupertino based tech giant!

Watch To Watch Your Alcohol Intake

We all have heard of watches that tell us the time. Now we have a watch that tells us whether one is too drunk to drive or not.

Technical Flaw Exposes Data of 6 Million Facebook Users

Facebook Inc’s faux paus! The world's largest social networking site has, over the last one year, inadvertently exposed the phone numbers and email addresses of million of users to unauthorized viewers.