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Windows Vista Service Pack 1 Released

The much-delayed Windows Vista's first "service pack" is finally available for the public. Software giant, Microsoft on Tuesday announced the public availability of Vista SP1, an update to Windows Vista that the company claims addresses specific reliability and performance issues, supports new types of hardware, and adds support for several emerging standards.

Facebook tightens privacy controls, adds Online Chat

The online social networking directory, Facebook announced on Tuesday it is rolling out new privacy features that will give users the ability to decide who can see the data stored on their profile pages, enabling them to preserve social distinctions between friends, family and co-workers online.

YouTube site 'blocked' in China over Tibetan riot clips

Google's wildly popular video-sharing site YouTube on Sunday came to a standstill in China after the authorities there blocked access to YouTube within the country, in an attempt to block coverage of riots and demonstrations in the Tibetan capital, Lhasa.

Intel gives idea about six cores, Nehalem and Larrabee

Intel has come up with a brief idea about its upcoming six core technology as well as Nehalem and graphics chip, Larrabee.

Robot Dextre's assembly completed after Third spacewalk

Assembly of Canadian Space Agency's robot Dextre, has been completed after the third spacewalk by the Spacewalkers Richard Linnehan and Robert Behnken from the shuttle Endeavour.

Microsoft agrees to Adobe’s Flash Lite

Microsoft showed the green signal to Adobe's Flash Lite technology by licensing it for Windows Mobile. Despite of being in competition (technology-wise) Microsoft agreed to feature Adobe’s Flash Lite along with together with Adobe Reader LE software for viewing Portable Document Formats (PDF), alongside its own Silverlight on Windows Mobile.

“Spam King” Soloway pleads guilty, may face 26 years in prison

“Spam King” Robert Alan Soloway on Friday pleaded guilty to electronic mail fraud, wir fraud and tax evasion, and may face 26-year jail sentence. Soloway, 28, was arrested on criminal charges brought by the U.S. Department of Justice in May 2007.

Microsoft Acquires Online Advertising Firm Rapt

Microsoft on Friday announced its plan to acquire an online advertising management company, Rapt Inc., for an undisclosed amount. The move indicates software giant’s latest effort to make its foray into the highly profitable Internet advertising world.

Scientific Atlanta has a new name

Lawrenceville Ga. -- Scientific Atlanta is now known as the Cisco Service Provider Technology Group, a report said Saturday.

The name change comes as Cisco Systems Inc., which owns SA, brings the Lawrenceville, Ga.-based maker of cable television converter boxes closer to its parent company, The Atlanta Journal Constitution reported.

The newspaper said Jim McDonald, SA's chief executive officer since 1993, will now serve as an advisor to Tony Bates, the senior vice president and general manager of the service-provider group.

Cisco bought Scientific Atlanta in 2006 for nearly $7 billion.

"Cisco took its time in making changes," company spokeswoman Peggy Ballard said. "They didn't just want to come in and change to a model where we wouldn't have success."

Yahoo!'s Choices are Narrowing

Sunnyvale, Calif. -- Yahoo! Inc. maybe running out of options in its attempt to prevent a hostile takeover by Microsoft Corp., industry analysts said Friday.

The two companies have held informal talks, CNet reported, but neither company has confirmed what was discussed.

Microsoft offered to buy Yahoo! six weeks ago for $44.6 billion. Since then, Yahoo!, which rejected the offer, has pursued deals with other companies, including Google and AOL. But none of the negotiations have come to fruition.

Furthermore, Yahoo! can "all but rule out performance improvement as a viable alternative to match the value of Microsoft's bid," Sanford C. Bernstein and Co. analyst Jeffery Lindsay wrote recently.

Lindsay said Yahoo!'s next quarterly financial report would be "mediocre," the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reported. He also said a deal with another company included "near insurmountable" difficulties.