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Time to Divide and Conquer, Motorola

In the 24 hours since Motorola (NYSE: MOT) announced its plan to divide the company into two unequal parts, some 99 articles (at last count) have sprouted like mushrooms after a spring storm -- and that's on Yahoo! Finance alone. I shudder to think how much more ink has been spilled in the print media, and elsewhere in the blogosphere.

Why Microsoft Might Bid for BI

Is Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) really this daring?

SAIC: So Am I Crazy?

Motley Fool Inside Value recommendation SAIC (NYSE: SAI) bills itself as "a leading provider of research, engineering, and technology services and solutions." On Tuesday, it "provided" us with something else -- an earnings beat. Yet despite turning in Q4 earnings of $0.25 per share (up 25% year over year, and better than the $0.22 predicted), the stock took a 2% dive yesterday. Why? Why, let's find out why.

Adobe Releases Free Web-Based Version Of Photoshop

Adobe Systems Inc.on Thursday unveils the beta of Photoshop Express, the long-awaited version of its popular image editor. The maker of the popular photo-editing software Photoshop said it has made the basic version available for free online.

Internet Rivals Yahoo and Google Align Together for OpenSocial

In what may seem a surprise to many, Yahoo has agreed to join the OpenSocial platform and form the OpenSocial foundation. The surprise element is mainly because OpenSocial is a platform that Google, Yahoo’s main rival established in November 2007. Yahoo is the third social networking major to join OpenSocial, apart from Google and MySpace. The one other name that is missing is FaceBook.

Apple a Malware Distributor?

On Friday, Mozilla CEO John Lilly accused Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) of being a miscreant by offering the Safari browser to those who are updating iTunes and QuickTime on Windows. Quoting from his blog entry:

“South Park” episodes now available free on Web

Viacom Inc.' Comedy Central, a cable and satellite television channel in the United States, and its famous comedy show “South Park” are making news again. All the episodes of the popular show will now be available on the Internet.

Google Zeroing in on White Space Spectrum

After being part of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission’s wireless spectrum auction, Google is now looking at another spectrum with wireless Internet potential. Though Google may not have scored big at the FCC auction for 700 MHz of wireless spectrum, it managed to get the FCC to endorse open access.

Camera with 12,616 lenses in development

Stanford, Calif. -- U.S. scientists are creating a three-dimensional camera with 12,616 lenses that might be used for such purposes as facial recognition or biological imaging.

Stanford University Professors Abbas El Gamal and Philip Wong and graduate student Keith Fife said their camera is built around their "multi-aperture image sensor." They've shrunk the pixels on the sensor to 0.7 microns -- several times smaller than pixels in standard digital cameras -- and then grouped them in arrays of 256 pixels each. Now they are preparing to place a tiny lens atop each array.

Point such a camera at someone's face, and it would, in addition to taking a photo, precisely record the distances to the subject's eyes, nose, ears, chin, etc. They said such technology would be useful in many fields, including 3-D printing or creation of 3-D objects or people for virtual worlds.

EA teams up with Starz Media to produce "Dead Space" movie

Electronic Arts (EA), the American developer and distributor of computer & video games, announced its plan to produce an animated prequel movie to the upcoming sci-fi horror video game "Dead Space."