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Sprint shows off its "Instinct" to kill Apple's iPhone

Sprint Nextel Corp., the third-biggest US mobile-phone company, on Tuesday showed off a new touch-screen phone at the CTIA conference in Las Vegas. The new wireless handheld device, called "Instinct", is filled with such stunning features that it can dare to rival Apple’s iPhone.

Terahertz device moves closer to reality

Leeds, England -- A British-U.S. team of scientists said it has moved closer to development of a handheld terahertz device.

A University of Leeds team led by Professors Edmund Linfield and Giles Davies has recorded the highest operating temperature for a terahertz quantum cascade laser -- a technology scientists said might unlock the potential of the terahertz frequency range.

"The potential uses for terahertz technology are huge, but at the moment they are limited to niche applications in, for example, the pharmaceutical industry and astronomy, as the current systems on the market are expensive and physically quite large," said Linfield.

Key to exploiting terahertz technology is the production of handheld devices, and one specific type of laser -- the quantum cascade laser, he said. The problem, Linfield said, is that type of laser will only function at temperatures of minus-100 degrees Celsius.

Google adds offline functionality to its Docs application

Google on Monday announced its progression in its Web-based word-processing feature, known as Google Docs. The Internet search giant announced yesterday that Google Docs that compete with Microsoft Corp.'s Office computer software will also work without an Internet connection.

Verizon customers peeved in Florida

Tampa, Fla. -- Verizon is snapping up new business in Florida left and right but some say it's at the expense of customer satisfaction.

People are complaining in growing numbers to government watchdogs and on Internet blogs, The Tampa Tribune reported Wednesday. The Verizon customers say they aren't getting promised discounts and equipment, are getting less-than-satisfactory responses from the company's customer service department, the newspaper said.

Some have contacted the Florida attorney general's office, while others are going the guerrilla route -- posting videos on YouTube.

Verizon company officials contend they are taking steps to improve service by doing a better job of training employees, changing the way they handle complaints and getting rid of some sales workers, the Tribune said.

Yahoo! Shine holds secrets of women's daily lives

Internet media company Yahoo! Inc. on Monday is introducing a new Website for women, called "Yahoo! Shine". The new media site, aimed at women between the ages of 25 and 54, focuses on women's routine lives.

Small Company Jumps in Big Bucks Commercial Space Travel Fray

The race to be the first private company to send up paying travelers into space in its own spacecraft has gone one notch higher, with another company, Xcor Aerospace from California, jumping into the fray.

Is your Computer Data Safe?

Individuals, businesses and major companies rely heavily on their computer systems. If this data is damaged, lost or stolen, it can lead to a huge disaster. Shielding your computer from online threats is easier than you think. Try these simple defensive steps.

MacBook Air most prone to Hack Attack

Mac OS is the most vulnerable of operating systems, proved a technologist who also won himself $10,000 and a laptop computer. Charlie Miller, an analyst with ISE (Independent Security Evaluators) blotted all safety claims of Mac OS when he hacked a MacBook running the OS X, 10.5.2 version, in less than two minutes.

EA amends its offer for Take-Two, adds condition

The leading video game publisher Electronic Arts Inc. said Friday it extended its tender offer for Take-Two Interactive Software Inc. by a week to April 18. EA’s move to amend its $26 per share, or $2 billion offer for Take-Two came after the latter company rescheduled its annual shareholders meeting.

Dell launches $879 Blu-ray notebook

Dell Inc. on Friday launched an Inspiron 1525 laptop with Blu-ray disc playback for less than $1000. The new offering with a Blu-ray Disc drive will compliment Dell’s award-winning Inspiron line of laptops.