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Oracle Plus SAP Equals Love

"Well, somebody has to arrange the matches,
Young people can't decide these things themselves."

-- From "Matchmaker," by Sheldon Harnick, from the 1964 musical Fiddler on the Roof

Safari out of PayPal's "Unsafe" browsers' list, despite security flaws

Web payment firm PayPal Inc. has abruptly rebuffed all reports claiming that it will drop support for Apple's Safari browser because it lacks anti-phishing features. Last week, media reports popped up on Internet saying PayPal will block Safari users from accessing the online payment service altogether.

HDTV programming hindered by cost

Washington -- The cost of producing high-definition TV broadcasts is inhibiting full implementation of the new technology in the United States, experts say.

Phillip Swann, who serves as the publisher for, said production costs for an HDTV broadcast are nearly 20 percent higher than a typical TV broadcast, The Washington Times reported Saturday.

"There's always a bean-counting aspect, and HD adds beans, so consequently, a lot of the people running the shops say 'We'll hold off,'" the Web site publisher said.

In addition, new studios must be built to produce HDTV broadcasts and HDTV cameras add costs to any related productions.

Comcast SportsNet spokeswoman Stephanie Offen said while her company does offer some HDTV broadcasts, such updated efforts are limited and still very costly.

Nintendo dominates gaming industry with its Wii, DS conoles and SSBB game

Nintendo, one of the Big Three videogame console and handheld devices makers, once again has emerged as the number one among the trio of next generation gaming consoles in sales after selling as many units as both its main competitors, Sony and Microsoft, put together.

EA extends its offer for Take-Two, lowers bid price

The leading video game publisher Electronic Arts Inc. said Friday it would further extend its offer for Take-Two Interactive Software Inc. by one month to May 16, and would trim trimmed its offering price to $25.74 from $26 a share.

PayPal boosts its fight against phishing, blocks "Unsafe" browsers

PayPal Inc., an e-commerce business allowing payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet, announced its intention to block older versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox and other "unsafe" browsers from accessing its service.

Is SanDisk Above Reproach?

"Hey kid, some good advice
To bring your britches down to size:
Some modesty would suit you better
So why don't you give it a try?"

-- "Kid Ego," by Extreme, from the 1989 album Extreme

Foolish Forecast: Logitech in the Lead

As most firms on Wall Street begin to report their first quarterly earnings of the new fiscal year, Logitech (Nasdaq: LOGI) is once again several time zones ahead of the pack. When it reports earnings next week, the Swiss computer-peripherals maker will be wrapping up fiscal 2008 for good. Q4 news is due out just the other side of the weekend.

G8 business chiefs ponder over the effects of green house gases on climate

G8 business chiefs gathered in Tokyo to discuss the ways in which the affects of green house gases on the climate can be tackled. In their final press release they said that the industries cannot be over stressed for lowering the pollution, as that may drive away the investments. The promotion of sector wise implementation will be agreed upon at the Lake Toya summit.

Time to Sell Nokia?

Maybe it's time for me to sell my Nokia (NYSE: NOK) shares.

No, not because of its first-quarter earnings report. Wall Street may not like the results -- net income fell short of projections -- but I see plenty worth admiring. Revenue was up 28%. Per-share profit excluding special items improved 46%.