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Foxconn re-opens plant after Sunday brawl

Production has resumed at a Foxconn factory in the northern Chinese city of Taiyuan after rioting by employees on Sunday night forced the establishment to close.

Manmohan firm on reforms, defies resistance from allies and Opposition

Prolonged multifaceted resistance towards implementation of governmental reform-policies may retard nation’s economic growth by 5 percent, warns Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

Al-Jazeera website hacked by Syrian government activists

The website of the Qatar Media Corporation, Al Jazeera, was hacked on Tuesday by Syrian government stalwarts, comfirms latest middle-east news report.

Pirate Bay co-founder Warg busted in Cambodia

Gottfrid Svartholm Warg, a co-founder of popular file sharing website The Pirate Bay has been arrested in Cambodia. Warg was found at an apartment in Phnom Penh and taken into custody by Cambodian police on Thursday.

Barclays picks Antony Jenkins as next CEO

The crisis hit, British banking giant Barclays has named Antony Jenkins as Chief Executive Officer. Jenkins will take on the position with immediate effect.

Fossils from Nile Delta indicate end of Egypt due to “Mega Drought”

The creators of the majestic pyramids could not deal with the climatic changes and fell a victim to the “mega drought" leading to the extinction of the Egyptian Empire 4200 years ago. The time of the pyramid creation was characteristically termed as “Death on the Nile“ leading to the end of “The Old Kingdom” in Egypt.

American sci-fi author Harry Harrison dies at 87

Harry Harrison, an American novelist famous for science fiction and fantasies died Wednesday, his official website reported. He was 87.

20 percent of workforce slashed in a bid to revamp ailing Motorola Mobility

According to the New York Times reports, Motorola Mobility has told employees it plans to slash 20 percent of its workforce and shut down nearly a third of its offices worldwide.

Gen Xers unconcerned about climate change--report

Members of Generation X are pretty indifferent when it comes to climate change finds a University of Michigan report released this week.