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Former USC, Arizona coach Larry Smith dies

TUCSON -- Larry Smith, who coached football at Arizona, Southern California, Tulane and Missouri, died Monday after a bout with leukemia and lymphoma. He was 68.

Smith had a 143-126-7 record in 24 years as a head coach at the four programs. He had a 44-25-3 mark at USC from 1987 to 1992, with three Rose Bowl appearances.

Smith played collegiate football at Miami of Ohio, where he later coached. Smith followed Bo Schembechler to Michigan for three years, before heading to Arizona to be defensive coordinator.

After a stint as the head coach at Tulane, he took over at Arizona in 1980.

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Reporter threatened while on story

LONDON-- British radio personality Shelagh Fogarty said someone pointed a gun in her face as she was working on a report in Liverpool during the weekend.

Fogarty said the incident happened Saturday night in the Norris Green section of her hometown while she was working on a special program for "ITV1 Tonight" about how safe England's streets are, the Daily Mail said Monday.

"We were in this road when a car suddenly slowed right down as it passed us. A window opened and a gun came out and pointed directly at me," she said on her BBC Radio Five morning program Monday. "I froze and then I heard a police siren nearby, not related, but I think that might of put them off doing anything. There was also a CCTV van in the road, and they would (have) seen that, so that makes their attack even more audacious because they did it right in front of the CCTV camera. ... I never thought I would have a gun pointed in my face and never thought that would happen just five minutes from the place I went to school."

Bulgarian 'Big Brother' star arrested

KAZANLAK, Bulgaria-- Stefan Kemalov, who earned notoriety as one of the roommates on the Bulgarian TV series "Big Brother," reportedly was arrested on forgery charges.

Authorities said the "Big Brother" star was among five people arrested last week and charged with creating counterfeit driver's licenses, diplomas, vignette tickets and identity cards, the Sofia news agency reported Saturday.

The five suspects were arrested Friday during a raid in the Bulgarian city of Kazanlak, ending a two-part police investigation into a counterfeiting ring.

After gaining popularity on the famous TV series, which has numerous editions taking place in countries worldwide, Kemalov unsuccessfully attempted to enter into the world of Bulgarian politics.

The news agency said Kemalov had belonged to the National Movement for Stability and Progress, as well as to the Free Bulgaria formation and Euroroma.

Copter crash kills British millionaires

HARROGATE, England -- British millionaires Paul and Linda Spencer died Sunday when their helicopter crashed in Yorkshire near their 5-star hotel.

Paul Spencer, 43, and Linda Spencer, 59, died instantly when their recently purchased Gazelle helicopter crashed with Paul Spencer at the controls, the Mail on Sunday reported.

Linda Spencer owned Country Baskets, a chain of craft wholesalers with revenue of about $34 million, and her husband was managing director.

The couple had just received the helicopter, and some experts said the crash may have been caused by Paul Spencer's limited piloting experience and the blustery conditions, the newspaper said.

The Spencers were staying at the Rudding Park Hotel, a resort and golf course where former U.S. Presidents Bill Clinton and George H. W. Bush have been guests.

'Mentalist' will not meet with Peterson

Bolingbrook, Ill. -- A prominent "mentalist" who offered to meet with Bolingbrook, Ill., resident Drew Peterson about his wife's disappearance says the meeting will not take place.

George Joseph Kresge, aka The Amazing Kreskin, 73, offered Jan. 2 to interview Peterson, who is suspected in the disappearance of his fourth wife, Stacy, the Joliet (Ill.) Herald-News reported Friday.

"I am an entertainer, thought reader with the ability under certain conditions to tell when a person is lying," Kreskin said. "Under certain conditions, I can perceive the thoughts of others."

However, Peterson lawyer Joel Brodsky, who originally seemed opened to the idea, responded "certainly not" when asked if Peterson would meet with the stage and TV star.

"My reflections are basically every one else's: Is he guilty or not guilty? Has he murdered one or two of his wives or not?" Kreskin said. "I will not make my intuitive feelings on this matter public."

Report: Ledger to be buried in Perth

New York -- Australian actor Heath Ledger, who died suddenly in New York Tuesday, is expected to be buried in his native Perth, a report said Friday.

The New York Daily News said Ledger's father, Kim, was scheduled to arrive in New York Friday to accompany Ledger's body on the 11,600-mile trip home.

"He wants to be with his son," Dominic Carella, director of the Frank E. Campbell Funeral Home in Manhattan, told the News.

Heath Ledger's ex-girlfriend, Michelle Williams, with whom he had a 2-year-old daughter, Matilda, is expected to attend a private viewing in New York with close friends, while another memorial service is being planned in Hollywood, the report said.

Ledger died in his SoHo apartment Tuesday afternoon. He was 28.

Family remembers Heath in death notices

Perth, Australia -- Heath Ledger's family honored the late actor with several heart-breaking messages run in the death notices section of the West Australian newspaper.

The "Brokeback Mountain" star, who was a native of Perth, Australia, died Tuesday in New York. He was 28. The cause was not immediately determined. said Ledger's mother Sally wrote in the newspaper: "You knew you were so loved. You lived life with courage and daring and we are so grateful for the wonderful times we shared. We will be there for (your daughter) Matilda."

"I can hardly breathe when I try to write this," wrote Ledger's older sister Kate. "I feel both my heart and life have been torn apart. I loved our special talks, our daily chats from wherever you were in the world. I especially loved all the precious time we spent together. We were so fortunate to have you as long as we did. You were so many things to so many people, but to me you were just my little brother. There will never, ever be another 'Heath.'"

Madame Tussauds renders Knievel in wax

Las Vegas -- Madame Tussauds Las Vegas said it gave family and friends of the late Evel Knievel a sneak peek at its new wax rendering of the iconic stunt man.

Knievel worked closely with Madame Tussauds in the making of his figure, but didn't get to see it completed before he died late last year.

Madame Tussauds said the figure will be placed within the "Speed" room of the attraction where guests can sit on an authentic replica bike, a 1972 Harley Davidson XR750, put on a themed Evel cape and take pictures of themselves with his figure.

On-hand for the unveiling of the wax statue were Knievel's son Kelly Knievel, wife Krystal Knievel and Bill Rundle, a longtime friend and organizer of "Evel Knievel Days" in Butte, Mont.

"Evel Knievel was an international brand and his ability to self promote and capture the hearts and minds of young and old with his death-defying stunts made him one of the most recognizable icons of the 20th century," said Adrian Jones, general manager of Madame Tussauds Las Vegas.

Paxman carps about M&S socks, underwear

London -- British news presenter Jeremy Paxman is taking the retailer Marks & Spencer to task for what he says is the substandard quality of its socks and underwear.

The Daily Mirror said Paxman e-mailed his complaints to the chain's chief executive, Stuart Rose, and then was invited to join Rose for lunch so they could discuss his concerns.

"Like very large numbers of men in this country I have always bought my socks and pants at Marks & Sparks. I've noticed that something very troubling has happened. There's no other way to put this. Their pants no longer have adequate support. When I've discussed this with friends it has revealed widespread gusset anxiety," Paxman wrote in the e-mail.

"Even among those of us who clip our toenails rigorously they appear to wear out much more quickly on the big toe. These are matters of great concern to the men of Britain. I just felt it was time that somebody raised this with the only man who can sort it out, Stuart Rose."

CNN journalist Lewine dies at 86

Washington -- Noted CNN journalist Frances Lewine, whose media career included coverage of six U.S. presidents, has died in Washington at the age of 86.

The former Associated Press journalist worked at CNN for nearly three decades as a field producer and assignment editor, the cable network reported Sunday.

CNN Washington Bureau Chief David Bohrman said Lewine's sudden death after an apparent stroke Saturday was a significant loss for the news media industry.

"It's amazing that at her age, Fran was still staking out administration and elected officials after weekend talk shows," Bohrman said. "All of journalism has lost a true pioneer."

A long-standing advocate for dedication and truth in her profession, Lewine detailed her beliefs last year while accepting the Missouri Honor Medal for Distinguished Service in Journalism.