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In 1992, I was 26 and already spending my fair share of time online.
For several years, I'd been a satisfied customer of America Online.
Although I liked the service, I decided not to buy shares of the
company at the initial public offering that year. I thought I'd wait
awhile. (Idiot.)

China may ease foreign investment curbs

Beijing, June 24: China, seeking to prop up foreign direct investments in the country, may ease some current barriers, sources told China Daily.

"We have drawn up a plan to relax some restrictions on foreign investment, particularly in the real estate sector," a Commerce Ministry official confirmed to China Daily.

The plan, which has been sent to the State Council or the Chinese Cabinet, would make approval processes easier for foreign investment, the newspaper said, quoting China Times. Currently there are 42 rules governing taxation, foreign exchange and regulatory supervision.

The plan also would provide foreign investors access to China's high-tech industry as well relax checks on individual foreign investments.

Friday's Biggest Stock Stars

Hey there, Fools. I've summoned our Motley Fool CAPS community once again to highlight a few of Friday's biggest winners among the stocks with a rating of four or five stars.

5 Top-Rated Value Stocks

Are you familiar with the dynamic duo of Fama and French? No, they didn't star in Tommy Boy -- that was Farley and Spade. And they didn't sing "Seven Nation Army" -- that was Jack and Meg White.

Top-Rated Stocks That Treat Shareholders Right

What's the flip side to shareholder-friendly stocks expected to
underperform the market? Highfliers that pay little heed to their
owners' interests. Conversely, there are top-flight companies that also
treat their shareholders with respect.

The Fool's Look Ahead


The new trading week kicks off with Smith & Wesson (Nasdaq: SWHC)
on the firing range. Analysts see the gunmaker's earnings improving to
$0.09 a share in its latest quarter. Fears of tighter regulation on new
weapon sales and crime spikes in recessionary times have resulted in
brisk business for companies like Smith & Wesson.

The Next 2 Dividend Blowups?

You may have heard that dividend stocks have significantly outperformed
their stingier counterparts since 1972. You may have heard that the
vast majority of the market's historical gains have come from
dividends. And you may have heard that they are the best stocks to own
during bear markets.

The Best Stocks for the Next 4 Years

Did I miss something, or have we completely emerged from the market's bottom?

We can't be sure just yet, but investors in Insmed (Nasdaq: INSM), Satyam Computer Services (NYSE: SAY), Allied Irish Banks (NYSE: AIB), and RF Micro Devices (Nasdaq: RFMD) are likely convinced -- each of those stocks is up more than 50% over the past month!

The Top 10 Recession Stocks

One year ago, when signs were starting to point to a recession, my
colleague John Reeves and I compiled a list of the previous recession's
top 10 stocks to discover any patterns that would help our investing
this time around. That list provided a number of fascinating insights, some of which we had expected, while others surprised us.

Thursday's Biggest Stock Stars

Hey there, Fools. I've summoned our Motley Fool CAPS community once again to highlight a few of Thursday's biggest winners among the stocks with top ratings of four or five stars.