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Zynga launches Draw Something 2 this Wednesday, kills 4 other games

Zynga, the embattled social gaming company, is set to launch Draw Something 2 which goes live on Wednesday night.

Two-factor authentication-Twitter's new password security control to curb user account hacking

Its high time Twitter boosts its security measures. With the recent hacking episodes,Twitter is planning to roll out a new password security control to cut down the user account hacking.

Google Now to replace iGoogle as Google Home Page?

The latest buzz in the Google World is that Google will probably replace iGoogle with a desktop version of Google Now, suggests a new chrome browser extension and some hidden code.

Microsoft to launch iPad Mini killer soon?

Latest buzz in the technology world is about the rumored launch of iPad mini competitor, 7-inch tablet Microsoft Surface Pro.

Google Glassware-Prohibition of displaying ads, policies for third party developers, tech specs discussed

Google Glassware features

Google Glass might land in the hands of users pretty soon and is garnering a lot of press, both good and bad. Dr Gadget checks out the details available about it!

Windows 8.1-Boot to desktop feature, truth or not?

Buzz has it that the new Window 8.1 operating system has the capability of directly booting to the desktop. This sure seems a nice way to save the time when your computer takes ages to boot to the desktop screen going through the boot process.

Screaming goat and Mark Zuckerberg feature in the new Facebook Ad

There is no beating Facebook when it comes to dishing out some weird advertising concepts! The social networking giant's new TV commercial for Facebook Home, features a screaming goat along with the company CEO Mark Zuckerberg....indeed a fresh approach and a funny way to grab viewer's attention!!

iPad 5 sleek, light, and similar in design to iPad Mini

The iPad 5 would be slimmer by trimming off the LED backlights

Immediately after the release of Apple iPad4 with Retina Display, Apple is ready to release its fifth-generation iPad, iPad 5. A French site Nowherelse also claims to have the pictures of the new iPad 5, with its front face design.

Twitter's stand alone music app-Twitter Music to be launched this weekend

Twitter's new Music App-Twitter Music

A music app for Twitter is rumoured to be sent for launch this weekend.

Spectacular features of the new Audi R8

With the new upgraded version of Audi R8 Coupe launched in the market, its features have already created a buzz. Money Times talks about the great new features of the Audi R8 Coupe in detail.