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Google Translate Services adds 5 more languages

Remember the Google Translate services, the free statistical multilingual machine translation service provided by Google for translating any written text from one language to another? Google has announced support for five additional languages, according to latest news.

Instagram 3.5 with photo tagging features launched for iPhone and Android

Instagram launched its version 3.5 of its application to the iOS store and google play today. This launch is going to be one of the biggest for all the brands and its users.

Apple's US smartphone market share nears 40 %:ComScore

Another feather in Apple’s cap!! Though iPhone’s sales have slipped worldwide during the last quarter, the device is still a hot favorite in the United States!!

Launch of Nokia Lumia 521-Microsoft's step to win phone market share

The latest launch of Nokia Lumia 521 in United States seems to be one of the boldest steps the company has taken in order to win over the global currently led by major companies like Apple and Samsung Electronics, states the Microsoft Corp's phone Chief.

"Winky" - Google Glass's new Android App takes snaps as you wink.

Who knew winking at someone or flirting could end up capturing their memory by taking a snap? Google Glass's latest app, 'Winky' let's you snap photos by simply winking. This sure sounds fun, being able to take a snap of someone who really caught your eye by a simple universal eye gesture, a Wink.

Are Cheaper, smarter, better smartphones a threat to Apple?

With newer cheaper and smarter phones available in the market these days, is Apple loosing its Midas's touch? Looking at the numbers released by the research firm IDC, its certain that Apple has total control over the tablet market, however looking at the figures closely by other leading tablet makers, Apple may be a raising some serious doubts amongst consumers.

"Google Now" now available on iOS, a threat to "Siri"?

Google is again in news and this time for its launch of Google Now, a smash hit personal assistant, a competitor to Apple's Siri.

Intel powered Google based Android Notebooks coming soon?

The world of Intel PCs running on Windows only is diminishing pretty fast with the changing times, and Google's Android operating system is replacing erstwhile market leader Windows.

Microsoft's official event E3 to showcase next gen Xbox 720 and its games

Attention all the gamers, the new Xbox 720-the next generation gaming console will soon be here to seek their attention and act as an all-in-one entertainment center!

All new Flickr powered Yahoo! Weather App is here

When it comes to style, Yahoo is never far behind. It believes in creating apps which have a lot of user friendly utilities as well as it isn't behind in creating a style image. The recent launch of the latest Yahoo! Weather is yet another example for its definite style quotient.