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The Next Step In 3-D Printing: Disposable Panties

The undergarment industry is facing a first innovation with 3D technology – lady’s panties produced with 3D printer in less than 3 seconds. This means, you can visit a store and walk out within minutes with custom printed 3D underwear adds an expert.

Harley-Davidson 3rd quarterly earnings & sales rise sharply

Harley-Davidson Inc. said Tuesday that its third-quarter income in 2013 rose sharply compared to the same period last year.

RBI repo rate increase shocks stock market

After the US Federal Reserve's decision on not to taper with the present stimulus package the stock market and India Inc alike rejoiced to this decision which could be seen by the 687 point increase in the sensex.

The Indian Real Estate Bubble Burst

The Orbit Grand, a block-size complex designed to have at least 26 floors of exquisite apartments, an extensive range of ground-floor stores and abundant parking for the chauffeured cars of residents and shoppers, it was supposed to be the highlight of the once on the rise real estate market/industry of India. But now the picture has changed, The Orbit Grand has stopped construction at the 10th floor and the crane at the site moves on rare occasions and only 13 builders are left on the site.

Is Samsung trying to copy Apple?

Samsung has been a major player in mobile phone industry for quite sometime now. There has always been speculation of Samsung copying Apple; Apple suing Samsung for infringement of patents. Then, Samsung suing Apple for the same, but this time did samsung actually crossed the line.

Ganesh Chaturthi break, Indian Markets witness relief rally!

Indian Markets wish everyone a happy Ganesh Chaturthi! The Indian equity markets took a breather on Monday leaving the trading off till Tuesday on account of Ganesh Chaturthi.

Apple to sell low budget iPhones on China Mobile

Apple’s iPhones will be coming to China Mobile, the world’s largest telecom company by subscribers, the Wall Street Journal reported on Friday.

Pilot Project for Gold: Indian Gold’s Golden Plate being experimented by RBI

What do you have to say about Anand Sharma’s opinion: “In a country with 31,000 tonnes of declared gold even if 500 tonnes is monetised at today's value it takes care of your CAD”? We’ll dwell into this, but before that let’s speak about the matter.

Rupee drops further, Sensex dips lower! Economic doldrums for India?

Shock stupefied the Indian economy on Tuesday! After the Food Security Bill was passed in the Lok Sabha on Monday, experts opine that this would strangle the fiscal deficit. The fiscal deficit and the increase in the price of crude oil have led to the plunging of the value of rupee and eventually mercurial fall of the Sensex.

Rupee snaps losing streak; gains 135 paise on Friday

In what might come as a huge relief for the markets, retail investors, common man and India Inc. alike, the measures undertaken by the RBI to stem the fall in the Indian currency finally appear to be of some help.