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Occasional sex, exercise elevates risk of heart attack--study

Occasional exercise and sexual activity is a contributing factor in heart attacks, especially among unhealthy people, claims an intriguing new study.

Volunteers shave heads to fight childhood cancer

In an event that is not only uplifting and inspirational, but also a show of solidarity for childhood cancer patients that lose their hair during treatment, many volunteers shaved their heads at Medford Elementary School’s fifth annual “Shave-a-Bration,” a St. Baldrick’s Foundation Fundraiser.

Living donor passes HIV infection to kidney transplant patient

Although routine screening of organ and tissue donors for anti-HIV antibodies was implemented in North America in 1985, a recent case reported in New York indicates that a definite though very small, risk of HIV transmission still persists.

Anti-radiation drug sees sharp rise in sales

With Japan on the verge of an impending nuclear disaster, it seems like many people are seriously considering the possibility of the radiation reaching other countries.

HIV patients at elevated risk for bone fractures--study

As per a new study, adults infected with HIV, especially those between 25 and 54 years are at a higher risk of broken bones and fractures compared to their more healthy counterparts.

Hawaii is the happiest state in US--survey

According to latest research, the real reason behind a person’s happiness may be that he happens to live in the right place.

More than 500,000 American teens suffer from major eating disorders--study

A new study delving into the prevalence of eating disorders among America's adolescents, found that nearly half a million boys and girls are struggling with anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating disorder.

Toenails can tell if you will develop lung cancer

Your toenails can predict your risk for lung cancer, according to findings of a recent study carried out by researchers from the University of California-San Diego Medical Center and Harvard School of Public Health.

A simple blood test for Down’s syndrome on the horizon

In what can be termed as a major breakthrough in the early diagnosis for Down’s syndrome in unborn babies, researchers have developed a simple blood test that is not only safe and cheap but also accurate.

Hazelnut recall issued amid food poisoning scare

Los Angeles-based distributor, DeFranco and Sons is voluntarily recalling bulk and packaged in-shell hazelnuts, as well as mixed nut assortment containing hazelnuts called filberts, amid fears that they may be contaminated with a potentially fatal strain of E. coli.