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Google to shut down health, power services

Google Logo

After being online for three years, curtains are now falling on the Google's Health and PowerMeter services. Lack of public interest has prompted the closure, said the company.

Xcel Energy phone poll deceptive: Residents

Xcel Energy is facing criticism over a phone survey from officials and residents of Boulder, who say the poll had misleading information about the ‘Energy Future’ campaign of the city.

Solar power gaining popularity amid decreasing installation costs

Applied Materials Inc. today released the results of the third annual solar energy survey, a day before 21st June when the northern hemisphere celebrates the summer solstice. Applied Materials provides equipment, services and software that supports the production of advanced semiconductor, flat panel display and solar photovoltaic products.

President of the Solar division of Applied Materials, Dr.

U.S. gas prices down 17 cents, fall likely to continue

Gas prices in the U.S. have fallen by nearly 17 cents in the last three weeks, said a survey published on Sunday. The drop in gas prices is likely to continue, it predicts.

GE invests in ESolar to build hybrid power plants

The General Electric Co. (GE) is surely betting big on the renewable energy industry.

CO2 emissions soar to record levels, IEA says

After a dip in 2009 caused by the global financial crisis, energy-related carbon-dioxide (CO2) emissions reached a record high in 2010, the International Energy Agency (IEA) said Monday.

Saudi prince wants crude oil prices to come down

Prince Alwaleed bin Talal from the royal family of Saudi Arab said during an interview to CNN that his country would like to see the oil prices between $70 and $80 so that the US and the European nations do not accelerate their search for alternate sources of energy.

Power restored to Texas City after major blackout

A massive blackout plunged Texas City and La Marque into darkness early Friday morning, affecting thousands of people and businesses in the neighboring cities.

Shell to go ahead with floating LNG project

It will surely be extremely large, approximately the size of four football fields put together. That’s what Royal Dutch Shell intends to build, as it bets big time on liquefied natural gas (LNG) in Asia.

No power backup for Texas Refineries during repair of transmission lines

Texas City refinery

Texas refineries may not get power backup in the coming week as the Texas New Mexico Power Co. is going to conduct repairs and maintenance of its transmission lines.

TNMP spokeswoman, Cathy Garber, in a telephonic interview, said that the Texas refineries will not have access to the backup supply because Texas New Mexico Power Co. workers will clean dust and residue from the insulators and they will also coat them with a sealant. The whole process will take about two to three weeks.