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Will Saudi Arabia Allow the U.S. Oil Boom? Interview with Chris Faulkner

Technology, technology, and more technology—this is what has driven the American oil and gas boom starting in the Bakken and now being played out in the Gulf of Mexico revival, and new advances are coming online constantly. It's enough to rival the Saudis, if the Kingdom allows it to happen. Along with this boom come both promise and fear and a fast-paced regulatory environment that still needs to find the proper balance.

Will Regulators Damn Keystone XL?

Starting Tuesday, U.S. regulators will hold regular meetings on oil and natural gas pipeline safety standards. A series of pipeline issues, ranging from a deadly gas pipeline explosion in California, to a massive oil spill in Michigan, have brought pipeline safety to the forefront of the American energy debate.

Lamborghini to work on lowering carbon emissions


The world's leading luxury sports car maker Lamborghini has explicitly indicated at its reluctance to develop a hybrid car in near future following the footsteps of its ace rivals Porche and Ferrarri. However the Italian car manufacturer has assured that it is working on lowering carbon emissions.

RTI’s new technology helps slash solar energy costs by 75 %

Solar energy production can be made cheaper by nearly 75%, at just 20 dollars per square meter, utilizing a new technology claim scientists at RTI, a non-profit, independent technical research organization. This will be a great help in accelerating the market implementation for solar energy.

Shamoon malware steals and wipes data after corrupting computers

Security specialists have detected a malware that steals files from infected machines, then renders several computers on a network unusable by overwriting their master boot record. They suspect it is being used to target attacks against specific companies.

New technological boom! Electricity can be generated from waste water.

Brilliant Engineers from the Oregon State University have finally burst through in the microbial fuel cells performance that can lead to the generation of electricity using waste water directly. This can lead to a boom in the production of electricity in future as the waste treatment plants can actively help in selling electricity besides producing electricity for the waste plant.

Is it Hybridization or Common ancestral pool between Neanderthals and Humans?

The new analysis done on humans and Neanderthals has found out that there was no hybridization between the two. The inherited characteristic traits shared between the two are most likely due to a common ancestral pool rather than inter-species mating.

Co-inventor of 'cold fusion’ Martin Fleischmann dies at 85

British electro-chemist Martin Fleischmann, who claimed to have found a way to bring nuclear fusion in a glass bottle at room temperature, breathed his last on Friday.

ExxonMobil expanding Houston campus for 10,000 additional workers

One of the largest oil companies of United States, ExxonMobil is expanding its Houston campus which will be enough to accommodate 10,000 workers in 2014.

Solar storms from giant sun spot heading toward Earth

According to the Space Weather Observers Solar flares are heading towards Earth and are expected to strike Earth’s magnetic field sooner.