Money Matters - Simplified

Indian Pathetic League

For the better future of cricket and Indians, I request the authorities to terminate the IPL. Or else both the game as well as the Indian social life will be destroyed.

The multinationals look at India as a venue for their marketing. We know that cricket is a just a game and should not be considered as a means for financial gains.

India has largely contributed to the world cricket. But with the introduction of IPL, the beauty of the game of cricket has been lost. Now it is the game of power play. A turnover of millions is taking place behind the screen, while it is just lovely faces upfront.

The media has been spending a lot of time recently discussing IPL. Matters that need more attention are being ignored. The price increase and the increased rate of crimes seem to be left out.

In a nation where majority of the people strive to sustain their life, the authorities and media discuss matters that are of little interest.

R.Kapoor & Suraj Kapoor
Solan H.P. 173212