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Personal Cash Advance Loans, Should you go for them?

Payday loans are short-term loans that you can avail to cover your financial requirements till your next pay check arrives. It helps you avoid bounced check fees and late payment fines.

Personal Cash Advance ( is the place for you if you are looking for an unsecured, short-term cash advance to tide over a temporary cash crunch. At Personal Cash Advance, you can get yourself a payday loan in few easy steps.

It is good to opt for a payday loan only as a last resort. Easy availability of the loan can make utilizing this option a habit. While there is not much wrong with that, one thing you should know is payday loans usually come with high interest rates. This means you could end up paying high for borrowing a small amount.

At Personal Cash Advance, there are certain minimum criteria for availing this loan. You have to be a US citizen, first of all, to make use of this facility. Not only that, you should be earning at least $1000 a month, and also have an active checking or savings account. The website is no good for you if you do not meet these three basic criteria.

The process of applying for a loan here is simple, but elaborate. You fill up a form, with error messages popping up each time you make a wrong entry. Filling the form is an interactive process, but it can get tedious after a while. Once your loan is approved, the funds are deposited in your checking or savings account electronically.

The site claims to offer quick and easy loans without the hassle of credit check and charges no application fees. It offers secure online transactions, something all credible websites offer nowadays. While the site boasts of a totally online process, there is also a phone confirmation involved.

The website itself loads quickly. A simple and uncluttered homepage and easily accessible and logically placed hyperlinks makes for easy browsing. However, the presence of location cues would have added to the ease-of-use. Lucid content about payday loans, in easy-to-understand fonts, enhances the browsing experience. However, a slightly larger text size would have made the browsing experience easier on the reader’s eye.

On the whole, Personal Cash Advance is informative and easy to use. It scores high on the usability and functionality fronts and medium to low on look and feel. Functionality is what matters most; however, functionality coupled with look and feel is what makes a really attractive site.

As said earlier, cash advance loans should be used only when there is no other resort, and need to be used responsibly.

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