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Personal life VS Career goals

Hi Friends,

The results of the poll on topic "A little bit of compromise on personal life is ok to accomplish your career goals"...has been quite
interesting.....well it seems as if people nwdays are becoming more and more career oriented and if they do hav to sacrifice a bit out


Some news!

Hi ppl,

I have been told by the technical team that the site has been updated this Sunday, and as per them we are running the best possible tools as of now on the site.

Not very clear though, all i could understand was that the site has "AJAX" and "Podcasting" capabilities which means(as per what i was told) that we will be able to provide you with better content delivery in terms of presentation, as well as the tools provided to you.


Hi readers,

Please accept our sincere apologies for not providing you with market updates on last wednesday. It was not a technical snag but a human glitch, and has been taken care of.

You will not get another chance to complain on this. Your complaint mails have been discussed amongst the whole team and we're more than geared up to serve you better.

There Is No Free Lunch! Expensive Loans

"Good Morning", says a sweet voice I'm calling from ABC Bank. We provide housing loans, car loans, loans for consumer durables, credit cards, loans against property with the easy repayment options. Moreover we provide fantastic investment opportunities. Moreover we can ...Are you interested?

I hate credit cards!

I never used to believe people who said credit cards were a menace, but not anymore. After having struggled to get rid of the credit card debt for almost 3 years, and still not successful, I have realized what people meant.

The new face of 'The Money Times'

Hi readers,

First things first, please accept our sincere apologies for the outage last Sunday. People here are still getting used to the new systems but we assure you of better services now on.

Ready to Go!

We're ready to do our official re-launch by 15th of this month. As you may have noticed, most of the site has been redone and new sections added. Home page now features the recent happenings from markets around the world.