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Choosing the right Credit Card; Here's some help!

While getting a credit card is a relatively simple process today, getting hold of the right one isn’t. Regardless of whether you are a first-time applicant or a regular card holder, a number of questions crop up whenever you decide to apply for a credit card. For answers to all your queries and a hassle free credit card application experience, Your Credit Network is a good place to visit. is a portal dedicated to choosing credit cards online. It makes credit card shopping a simple three-step experience – research, compare, and apply. The portal also provides information about responsible usage of credit cards, advice that is extremely critical today. Many times, the easy availability of credit cards today causes new users to spend wildly, and end up with bad credit ratings.

The site contains detailed information about the different credit cards available. Presenting a large amount of data coherently and concisely can be a problem sometimes. And that is one of the main problems with the portal’s home page. With so much of information, the page looks cluttered, and the vertical scroll doesn't really help either.

Better structuring of the page with drop down menus would definitely have made things easier. As it is, the page looks crammed with information, even though most of the information is in the form of links and snapshots. The information about responsible usage of credit could have been presented as a separate link.

That apart, the information at Your Credit Network itself is quite invaluable. You can search for cards based on their features and names. You can also search for banks. Besides the information on credit cards, the portal also contains reviews and ratings of different cards. The reviews give insights into the different aspects of a card and the ratings are based on these reviews.

Another feature of Your Credit Network is the credit card blog. One great thing about these blogs is they are not just 100-word pieces providing sketchy information. The blogs here provide detailed information about different subjects.

While the blog archive has a number of informative posts, the posts for this month so far, except one, are on popular credit cards and credit cards from Capitol One. It would be good to see the all-round trend of earlier months continuing this month as well. Currently, it seems like a PR exercise to promote certain brands of cards.

Coming to the usability aspect, the pages load quickly on Your Credit Network. Logically placed hyperlinks ensure a smooth navigation experience. The content is lucid, though a slightly bigger font size (like in the review section) would have enhanced the readability of the entire portal.

Overall, Your Credit Network is a good place for both first-timers and regular card users looking for information about credit cards. It scores high on the information quotient and usability and medium to low on look and feel.

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