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Volvo Goes to Geely

Ford announced this week that it would be selling its Swedish brand Volvo to Chinese automaker Geely, emphasizing China’s growing hold in the global auto industry.

Ford confirmed its terms with Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co. Ltd., and said that all “substantive commercial terms” have been settled. Now all that is left is a sales agreement, which is expected to be signed in the first quarter of 2010. The final closing of the deal is expected for the second quarter.

Employee Retention Amid Recession

While a small business, seeing red in the recession, might already be shortlisting the dubious employees and making plans accordingly, these are actually the best times to strengthen relationships with employees.

The recession is a time of mounting unemployment, mourning workers, costly training and low profits—a time when employee retention is of critical importance.

Cash for Clunkers Boosts Q3 GDP Growth

The third quarter GDP result is out, and even though figures are not that impressive, they are definitely positive compared to the previous four negative quarters.

GDP growth in the third quarter stands at 2.2 percent, to which the maximum contribution came from the Cash for Clunkers program.

Also known as the Car Allowance Rebate System, the Cash for Clunkers is a $3 billion federal program given to the U.S. residents for purchase of new and efficient vehicles.

Q3 GDP growth falls to 2.8%. Is recession really receding?

The U.S. economy is not recuperating as fast as it was supposed to said a report by the Commerce Department Tuesday.

Gross Domestic Product --the total value of goods and services in the economy for the third quarter is reported to be only 2.8 percent compared to 3.5 percent for July-September.

Hershey and Ferrero eye Cadbury, lack dough

Just when Kraft Foods was in the hope of capturing Cadbury, an obstruction came in its way, in the form of Hershey Co. and Ferrero International.

Both the companies recently confirmed that they were now in line to make offers for the $16.7 billion bid and give competition to Kraft.

The news bought fresh optimism in the share market raising the price of Cadbury shares by 1.2 percent. Shore Capital’s Darren Shirley says, “There’ll be plenty of ups and downs for Cadbury’s shares over the coming months.”

7 things not to do when you look for advertisers online

Here are a few things which one should not do when you start selling ads directly.

1. Faking is bad: When giving out traffic details, DO NOT inflate them. Your client might find it out from your alexa ranking, activity on site or so many other independent rating agencies. Even if he does not, he will get to know the truth once he becomes your advertiser. Not a very good position to be in.

Organ Donation, Blankets, and Cockroaches

So the Chinese are devising a nationwide organ-donation system, I hear. This they are doing to put the practice of harvesting organs from executed prisoners to rest.

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Internal linking improves traffic

There are a lot of things which as a webmaster or blogger you need to do in addition to producing quality content. Link building is one of them, and its like spreading the word on the internet about the stuff you are publishing. Each link to your site virtually counts as a vote of confidence for your site or page its linking to.

Our Apologies on the E-cigarette Headline

One of the news stories we covered yesterday, on FDA’s take on e-cigarettes, contains a series of errors. Miss James, the reporter, may have overlooked certain facts and distorted others. In the headline itself, which was not written by the reporter herself by the way, it was made out that, in terms of damage to health, FDA equated e-cigarettes with tobacco cigarettes. This is far from what the agency actually said.

A Dame and a Dog

Ever been chased by a bulldog? I’ve been. Scariest thing in the world, I tell you. Though my brush with the bulldoggy took place in college days, the memory is horribly vivid. Here's what transpired...

It was a lovely evening with lovely lasses pottering randomly around the market place. I was stationary at a popular ice-cream parlor with an old pal of mine, having licks at a cone and eyeing (not to be confused with ogling) playfully every pretty face that managed to catch my fancy.