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IBM to Release Full Notes For Linux

It has been announced by IBM that Lotus Notes will now be available on Linux, as part of the industry's first business-grade collaboration software to support Linux on the desktop.

The Lotus Notes 7.0 client has been designed to run on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 Update 3. Lotus Notes on Linux is scheduled for release on July 24, and around 90 days therewith, a version for Novell's SuSE Enterprise Linux Desktop 10 will also be delivered to customers. However, no additional cost will be charged for the use of Notes on Linux, for currently licensed Notes users.

Ed Brill, sales head - Lotus Notes, IBM World-wide, said that the Lotus Notes users who use a Windows or Macintosh system, will be allowed to swap with a Linux version free-of-charge. However, the New Lotus Notes licensees will pay the same rate as Windows or Macintosh customers.

Some of the notable features of Lotus Notes 7.0 include memory functions that automatically save and return to open applications; visual indicators that help users organize and manage their inboxes; etc.

Acording to IBM sources, Lotus Notes on Linux is based on the Eclipse open-source framework. The company says that the upcoming version of Lotus Notes, code-named "Hannover," will also be based on this framework.

The company is reportedly developing a Notes client for Linux as part of Hannover, but this client will require users to have the Java 2 Platform Enterprise edition-based Workplace Managed Client (WMC) installed. The Notes client will run as a component inside the WMC.

There are 125 million Lotus Notes users and a version for a Linux client has been a long time demand of users, especially since Domino has been available for Linux servers since 1998.

In May, IBM announced that the next version of Lotus Notes will include the three main applications of the MS Office suite, a word processor, a spreadsheet and a presentation program.

IBM to Release Full Notes For Linux