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Gaming war update - Nintendo joins with Revolution


Gaming war has just gone fierce with Nintendo joining Sony and Microsoft with its latest offering "Revolution". The announcement follows presentation of Playstation 3 by Sony and Microsoft’s conference about further information on Xbox 360.

The Revolution comes with a free broadband internet based matching service for players, similar to that of Xbox Live which is very unlike its earlier Gamecube. Gamecube had almost no net functionality, whereas Revolution also offers downloadable versions of nearly every Nintendo game, from arcade classic Donkey Kong to current titles such as Mario Sunshine.

Unlilke Microsoft and Sony’s claims, Nintendo has notified that Revolution is two to three times more powerful than Gamecube but it says it’s offering is going to perform the best amongst the three.

Says a Nintendo representative: "We’ve built Revolution around the concept of ’all-access gaming,’ " a term Nintendo uses to mean the system is easily adapted to by both gamers and designers. "We’re about sticking to the soul of gaming."

Nintendo also claims that the development of games for Revolution would be much easier than the competetion as the developers are not going to have to make drastic changes to their existing algorithms or games. They are going to have much better results with same efforts.