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Network Solutions shuts down anti-Islamic film Website

Network Solutions, the well known Web site name registrar, has de-activated a Website on which a Dutch right-wing lawmaker was promoting his yet-to-be-released film that criticizes the Quran, the sacred scripture of Islam.

Network Solutions shuts down anti-Islamic film WebsiteGet original file (5KB)

The Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders, who is known for his confrontational views about Islam and Muslim immigrants, was using the site to promote his upcoming film called Fitna - an Arabic word that means "test of faith in times of trial."

The 15-minute movie, due to be released by March 31, describes Islam as "the enemy of freedom". Dutch officials fear the movie Fitna could spark unrest among Muslim community, as happened two years ago after Danish newspapers published cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad.

The Dutch government is worried that Wilders's plan to post the film on the site could result in serious consequences for the Netherlands' political and economic interests. Wilders had been urged by the Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende and other Dutch politicians to reconsider his pledge to release his film online but he rejected the calls.

Network Solutions imposed its block on Wilders's site Saturday evening, after receiving a number of complaints about the site.

"In this situation with the dialogue that's happening throughout the world we've made the choice to suspend the site as of last night," said Susan Wade, spokeswoman for Network Solutions. "This site is suspended so people can't see the content right now but the customer still has access to their site. They can make whatever changes are necessary as we complete our investigation."

The Website now shows a note that U.S. service provider is investigating whether the site's content violates the company's acceptable use policy.

Wilders’ Freedom Party has nine seats in the lower house of the 150-member Dutch parliament, and he lives under police protection due to death threats. Despite the setback, Wilders reportedly plans to release his film Fitna online before the end of this month.

"How many ways are there left for me to be worked against?" a Dutch press agency ANP quoted him as saying on Saturday night. "If necessary, I'll go hand out DVDs personally on the Dam," he said, referring to Amsterdam's central square.

Around 1,300 people gathered on the Dam to demonstrate against Wilders' film Saturday in a protest intended to show that he does not represent the whole country.

A Dutch court will hear a complaint lodged by Muslim groups seeking to bar Wilders from releasing the film that criticizing the Quran. According to Paula Koning, a Hague District Court spokeswoman, the complaint filed by the Dutch Islamic Federation will be heard March 28.

However, there is no legal barrier preventing Wilders from releasing his film before then, she said.