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Study finds millions forget driving basics

St.Louis -- A survey by an insurance company finds that millions of licensed drivers in the United States would fail the written test if they had to retake it.

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Overall, 77.1 percent of the drivers in the third annual GMAC Insurance survey passed the test. But that means there are 36 million people on the road who are fuzzy about the rules.

Drivers older than 35 scored higher on average than younger ones.

New York State drivers had the worst performance and Idaho drivers did the best. The New England and mid-Atlantic states had the highest regional failure rate.

The company created a 20-question test using actual questions used by state divisions of motor vehicles.

Drivers forgot they are supposed to stop when a traffic light turns yellow as long as they can do so safely, how much space they should leave when following another vehicle and how soon they should signal before turning.

They do know how to react when an emergency vehicle appears and what to do if their vehicle hydroplanes.

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