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Google makes Home page Stylish, adds Trendy Gadgets

Google’s ease to use, simplicity of design, and massive database listings have made it the numero uno search engine in the world. Now, the Mountain View, California-based firm is adding a bit of style to its classic personalized homepage service.

The world’s top provider of Web search services, Google Tuesday unwrapped an "iGoogle" logo that adorned the personalized homepages customized by users of its globally popular Internet search engine, apparently reinventing the home page, with its simple, uncluttered design.

Google is also rolling out "Gadget Maker" feature that will compliment Google’s current catalogue of 25,000 gadgets. The "Gadget Maker" tools will allow any user, who knows how to upload a photo and fill out a simple Web form, to publish their content without knowing computer coding. That means users can create their own gadgets without knowing HTML or JavaScript.

Seven templates of gadgets will be provided, and users will now be able to share their creations with others using the new "My Community" feature.

"Gadget Maker will allow users to bring their favorite offline information online and share with their friends and family, or the whole world," Google said. "Anyone who can upload a photo or write an e-mail can use one of Gadget Maker's seven modules to create a personalized gadget without knowing how to write code."

The seven templates for creating personalized "gadgets" on iGoogle homepages include ‘Framed Photo’ for creating and updating photos; ‘GoogleGram’, an unfolding "greeting card" gadget that shows different messages and images over seven days; ‘Daily Me’, which lets people share snippets about their daily lives like a miniblog, such as how they are feeling or what they are thinking or doing; a ‘YouTube gadget’ for a favorite video clip; ‘Free Form’, which is simply any text and image; ‘Personal List’, of things such as favorite songs; and ‘Countdown’, for counting down days to events.

In addition, the company is also expanding the number of countries and languages in which it will offer personalized search services. According to the product manager of iGoogle, Jessica Ewing, iGoogle personalized Web search will now be available in 40 countries and 26 languages, up from 22 nations and 15 languages where personalization is now offered.

Introduced two years ago, Google's personalized home page service offers users the ability to choose from thousands of regularly updating Web features on one page. Tens of millions of users have so far signed up for the personalized approach to search and they are some of Google's most active users, said Marissa Mayer, Google's vice president of user experience.

Google not only enables users easily create customized home pages with colorful and fun gadgets but also makes it even easier to use web search when trying to get information, Mayer added.

The aim of the American public Corporation has always been to serve the public. "To organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful" has always been Google’s motto.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin have to be credited for co-finding this giant internet search and advertisement engine, which has helped the masses to be in touch with every sphere of life as it is said, 'Everything is now just a click away and within the reach of everybody.'