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Stock Updates: FTIL, Coal India, BHEL Grapples in First Half; Endeavor to Pull Back

All eyes are set on FTIL after crash in share prices of MCX and its promoter FTIL. Lukewarm start witnessed for Coal India and BHEL. Picture would be clear only by evening stock market status.

To give you quick updates about market today, we’re here. So, let’s see the health of market in first half of Monday.

Morning Updates

At 9:20 am in Morning, stock market sent lukewarm ripples. It started with an increase of 17.90 points to reach at 19181.92. NIFTY increased by 4.50 points at 5682.40. At this juncture, there was an increase of 216 shares, a plunge of 96 shares and a balanced 25 shares.

At 10:30 am, the market stayed in range as the equity benchmarks stayed around their closing values.

At 10:50 am, Coal India was found trading roughly at an IPO price of Rs. 245. First Coal India plummeted at a record low of Rs. 248 and then leaped by three percent. Early Monday morning was encountered by a good backing from technology, FMCG and oil and gas.

The BSE Sensex jumped to 119.23 points at 19283.25. On the other hand, NSE Nifty exhibited a surge of 33 points at 5710.90. These are the morning revelations.

The most vigilant shares have been Financial Technologies (FTIL), YES Bank, Reliance Communications and BHEL. FTIL shares have received attention after a decent 11.7 percent increase. This was preceded by a low of 20% during early morning.

YES bank witnessed a reduction in shares and the drop has been by four percent. These plummeting shares crossed the better ones by 851 to 656 on the Bombay Stock Exchange, says reports.

Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd (MCX) encountered a downward trend. It witnessed a fall of 10% to be pegged at Rs. 368.70.

Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (Bhel) came across a decrease of 9.97% to touch Rs.134.50 sphere. Further Tata Steel Ltd witnessed a plunge in shares by 1.63% to Rs.200.25.

In all Modest Gains

In all Sensex has seen modest gains in the first half of the day but all eyes are glued to FTIL’s Jignesh Shah. Is it beginning of the end for Shah? The picture would be clear only by the end of the day.

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