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Camera you carry in a pocket

Cyber Shot DSC RX 100,

First pocket size camera by Sony takes a clear competition with other digital cameras.

Sony Industries has introduced its first large sensor compact camera, the model named Cyber Shot DSC RX 100.

This camera has a number of multi functioning keys with 25 points auto focusing system and has 1080p full HD video recording that captures your sweet memories with clarity.

The 20.2 mega pixel Exmor CMOS sensor and shooter with 1 inch CMOS sensor measured diagonally which is four times better and larger than any normal typically 2.3inches sensor found in regular compacts.

This improves the quality of the pictures that you will shoot at any time whether in day or in night. The pairing of its sensor and fast bright F 1.8 optics that is at the widest end will come it handy and provide high quality images even in twilight situations.

It will be available from the month of July but the pricing has yet to be confirmed. It is expected that the US pricing will be $650.

Sony claims that this camera will deliver the highest-quality photos ever for the Cyber-shot tributary, but while the largish sensor crammed with a lot more pixels than all of its competitors.

As for the lens, it certainly looks like one of Sony's higher quality lenses, the maximum aperture starts at F 1.8, it reaches F 4.9 by the time you reach the not-terribly-long maximum focal length of 100mm.

The 3 inches LCD screen is relatively large, high-resolution display with best exposure.

It has a tiltable flash like that on the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF5 and others digi-cams of high resolution, which makes it very easily to get better flash results.

The interface looks a lot more like the Alpha SLT UI than any of the point-and-shoots, which makes sense given that Sony's targeting D- SLR users looking for a compact second camera utilizable with consistent features.

Last of all is its stylish look and design.Most importantly, its pocket size look and sleek design urges you to take it away from one place to another like you carry a mobile phone.

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