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Bump is now for computers

All time famous , easy to handle "Bump" is now for the computers. Read on

A popular mobile apps which allows users to share personal photos instantly by tapping their mobile phones is now available for computers. Users can now bump their phone on their computer's space bar to transfer photos and share them on social media sites.

Transferring pictures from a mobile phone to a computer can be done by using the new “Bump” web interface and the mobile application. Now you can also create links to photos so friends and family can easily access them.

The company said evolving the mobile app for computer was based on its users' needs.

"When we talk to people who use Bump, they often tell us how they love that “Bump” just makes sense to them," said “Bump" on their official blog.”If they want to share a photo with a friend or family member, they don't have to understand complicated technology -- they can just bump their phones together. But one of their biggest complaints is that it is hard to get photos off their phone and onto their computer”.

"Syncing is complicated and often requires a cable you just can't find, and people are fed up with emailing their own photos to themselves. Users would often jokingly tell us, "Bump is great; if only my computer could “Bump” too! So we built it."It allows the users to browse like “Firefox” or “Chrome” so there is no need to install software.

This easy application boasts more than 90 million users and has seen more than 600 million pictures transferred using its service.

Now share everything with “Bump”.

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