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Robot : A Future President

amazing president

The most amazing thing the world can witness can be the first robot president.

Most of the people in American folk knew, Bill Clinton was called the “First Black President” by Toni Morrison in “The New Yorker”.

Barack Obama has been dubbed as the “First Gay President” by Andrew Sullivan in the “Newsweek” most recently.

And the “First Female President” was rewarded by Dana Milbank in “The Washington Post”.

But no matter which man or woman wins the next election — Obama or presumed challenger Mitt Romney — he may well go down in history as the “First Robot President”.

Yes the “First Robot President”. A robot will govern the country. This is not because people have found each guy to be robot-like on occasion — though they have. As far back as 2009, “Fox Nation” posted a video featuring Obama's never-changing smile and asking, "Is Obama a Robot?"

And Romney is often ribbed about his robotic behavior. As Greg Gutfeld of Fox News said that Romney's "flaws are robotic malfunction that prevents him from seeing words beyond their basic utility, like 'Robby the Robot' from Lost in Space, he sees no emotional import in his phrasing, so even when he's right, he sounds wrong."

No. The next human being in the White House may be called the First Robot President because he will be reckoning with the increasing influx and influence of robots in our everyday lives.

It is noticed that robots are everywhere. They are working on farms and coffee. Often we can find that the robots are often cleaning our houses too.
We are suddenly surrounded — by dancing droids, soccerbots, robot cars and drones and even clothrobot that do all kinds of work for us and watch our every move.

To support the development of robotics can be viewed as denigrating to the work of humans; robots take jobs from people. On the other hand, to rant against the research and development of robotics could be viewed by voters as shortsighted, and unimaginative.

So, how do the candidates feel about robots? During his first term, Obama has shown great ardor for the R2D2 population. He has rallied the Roomba types by launching the National Robotics Initiative that provides up to $70 million in research grants for robotics. "Robots are working for us every day, in countless ways," according to the White House. "At home, at work, and on the battlefield, robots are increasingly lifting the burdens of tasks that are dull, dirty or dangerous. ... But they could do even more."

"Robotics can address a broad range of national needs such as advanced manufacturing, logistics, services, transportation, homeland security, defense, medicine, health care, space exploration, environmental monitoring and agriculture." One exponent suggests.

Because robot is labor saving and man cannot be employed where the robots work. The world will soon be Robot world. You will talk and share your love, your hatred, your sadness and your happy life. But will the communication process go? Because they talk or do what ever they are put to in program files.
Will it work as human with emotions?

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