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Smarter app for smart people

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The introduction of Sidecar app is for smarter one with the most fast forwarding multi tasking app.

According to Sidecar's definition, “smart-calling” means that without leaving the applications and with just a couple of taps on a rotary-style interface, you can share your location on a map, photos, contacts, text messages and 'live see-what-I-see' video with the person on the other end in a most personal way.

Doing these tasks without the app would require extra steps. It will be applicable in the smart phones and the iPhones.

And like every one , it has free services of social networking sites like Facebook and others.
'Socialeyes' was launched at the Demo conference and was co-founded by former “RealNetworks” executives Rob Glaser and Rob Williams. But 'Socialeyes' was shut down over the summer, and the start-up morphed into Sidecar, with a new emphasis on mobile. Glaser is Sidecar's chairman and Williams is CEO.

Sidecar uses the phone numbers in your address book to match you with your pals on Sidecar. No other information from the address book is transmitted.

The call is free to anyone who has Sidecar or if made over Wi-Fi to anyone in the U.S.and Canada, whether they have the app or not. If you do call friends with a mobile phone who don't have the app, they'll receive a text message inviting them to download it. If you don't have access to Wi-Fi, regular 3G or 4G calling rates from your carrier apply.

It's important to note that despite its Socialeyes' video-chat roots, the video during Sidecar calls is streamed live in only one direction. You can see what the other person sees or they can see what you see but not at the same time. You can swap views from the phone's front and rear cameras. So this is not the kind of two-way video call you might have via Skype, Tango or Apple's FaceTime.

Sidecar explains that it's not trying to duplicate video calling but rather trying to add services on top of a regular call. And there are many scenarios where you might want to show your surroundings without talking face to face.

After the person sharing the video taps the "See what I see" button during the call, a window pops up on the recipient's screen asking if he or she wants to view the video. Say yes and the video appears in a few seconds. Same goes for pictures and map locations.

The latter is handy for arranging a meet-up during a call. The "whisper" text messaging feature is useful if you can't hear each other or don't want to be overheard.

The way users hold the phone changes when viewing a picture, map location or video as opposed to just talking.

Sidecar adds a Smart Speaker feature in which the speaker phone comes on when the phone is held away from your ear and turns off when you move the phone back. Unfortunately, the speakers jumped on and off with the slightest movement of my hand. You can turn the Smart Speaker feature off.

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