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Woman spots, follows stolen car

Jacksonville, Fla. -- A Florida woman whose car was stolen from her home spotted the vehicle on the road and followed it until it crashed into a creek near her work 20 miles away.

Daniel Block of Jacksonville said his neighbor, Brianna Farley, asked for a ride Thursday when she discovered her car had been stolen, and they spotted the pilfered vehicle on the road after dropping Farley's child off at school, FirstCoastNews reported Friday.

Block said they called police while following the vehicle to an apartment complex and the car nearly collided with a friend of Farley who was driving in the same area.

"They swerved around me about 80, about hit me so I braked," Cory Brown said. "I turned around and they just did clear the pillar of the bridge and went through the bushes and nose dived in there."

The car landed upside down in a creek, and Block said they saw three people, two men and a woman, exit the car and swim to shore. The driver ran into some nearby woods while the other two went to a nearby apartment complex where Farley works -- a location about 20 miles from her home.

Police said they questioned the two people and they are likely to be let go while officers search for the driver.

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