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Grandma uses Facebook to confirm scam

Ocala, Fla. -- A 75-year-old Florida woman said she used Facebook to discover a man claiming to be her grandson and asking for money was actually a scammer.

Dolores Langley, 75, of Ocala, said she received a call from a man who claimed to be her grandson and told her he has been arrested in Canada with 2 ounces of marijuana in his vehicle, the Ocala Star-Banner reported Thursday.

Langley said she spoke with a second man who claimed to be a Canadian police officer and told her she would need to send a $5,050 money gram through Walmart to post bail.

However, Langley said the man sent up a "big red flag" when he told her to send the money to Haiti.

The woman said she tried calling her son and grandson, but neither answered their phones. She said she got online and saw her grandson had posted a recent Facebook status update and she sent him a message asking him to contact her. He replied saying he was getting ready for work.

Langley said she told the men when they called back that she knew they were trying to scam her. She said they called back the next day asking to speak to her husband, who also told them he knew they were running a scam.

"Before you give out any information, first check it out. Don't give out any information over the phone, and report any suspicious activities," Langley said.

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