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Tooth in man's ear for 30 years

Shefield -- A British man who suffered headaches and partial deafness for 30 years said doctors eventually found a tooth lodged in his ear canal.

Stephen Hirst, 47, of Sheffield, England, said he began suffering frequent earaches and infections when he was 14 and doctors were baffled as to the cause of the discomfort for 30 years, The Mirror reported Monday.

"I decided to have one last try to sort it out. The nurse used a microscope then tweezers and pulled out the tooth. She stood there stunned. I don't know why they didn't find it before," Hirst said.

He said full hearing has not returned to his right ear, but the headaches have disappeared and he now sleeps with greater ease.

Hirst said the tooth, believed to be a child's incisor, may have come from incidents he had at school.

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