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Country's cultures affect workplace

Perth, Australia -- Globalization has many firms expanding abroad but this may require different management styles and modes of communication, U.S. and Australian researchers say.

Cristina B. Gibson of the University of Western Australia and Dana M. McDaniel of the University of California, Irvine, say people in different countries and different cultures think about work in different ways.

For example, U.S. companies often use language and metaphors. Elsewhere this is not common at all, while in Latin America, businesses often use family metaphors, Gibson says.

"If you just use those two contrasts and think about what you might expect from your family versus what you might expect from your sports team, you start to see the differences," Gibson says in a statement. "Families are involved in all parts of your life, and are expected to celebrate with you socially. Your involvement in your sports team is more limited. Less caretaking, more competitive."

The findings are published in the Perspectives on Psychological Science.

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