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Cricket surprise pollinator of orchids

London -- Motion-sensitive night cameras for the first time have captured a cricket pollinating orchids, British researchers said.

The raspy cricket Glomeremus was filmed removing pollen from an
Angraecum cadetii orchid and carrying it to another on the island of
Reunion in the Indian Ocean, said Claire Micheneau, a researcher with
the Royal Botanic Gardens in London.
The raspy cricket's presence was a surprise because the greenish-white
orchid on other islands is pollinated by moths, Micheneau said in an
issue of the Annals of Botany published Tuesday.
"Realizing that we had filmed a truly surprising shift in the
pollination of Angraecum, a genus that is mainly specialized for moth
pollination, was thrilling," she said.
Micheneau's research also revealed two other species of Reunion Island
Angraecum orchids -- A. bracteosum and A. striatum -- were pollinated
by two species of small white eye songbirds, Zosterops borbonicus and
Zosterops olivaceus.

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