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Japanese film industry in decline

Tokyo -- Movie gate receipts are likely to be down in Japan this year when compared with 2008 box office figures, industry figures indicate.

The Mainichi Daily News reported Sunday compared with the nearly $2.16 billion earned by the Japanese film industry last year, box office figures from 2009 movies so far foreshadow a decline for the year.

Figures indicate the success of foreign films in Japan are down this year compared with 2008, while homegrown cinematic offerings have either been moderate hits or unsuccessful offerings.

The industry declines already prompted Distributors Wise Policy and Movie-Eye Entertainment to close their doors and other film distributors are facing a similar fate unless they can find new expansion endeavors.

The Daily News said 3-D films could prove beneficial to the film industry as Japanese movie theaters had 315 3-D screens at the end of October. Such screens would be capable of offering an incoming slate of 3-D films such as the U.S. film "Avatar, due for release this month.

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