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Semi-nude bike riders protest oil

New York -- Nearly naked cyclists in Toronto, Washington, New York and other cities said their annual World Naked Bike Ride was a protest against oil dependency.

"Nudity is always a good way to get someone's attention," Chris Bracken, 24, a rider in Washington told Sunday's Washington Post.

The event dating back to 2001 is called a "naked bike ride," but laws against indecency forced riders to cover themselves creatively with latex paint or ride scantily clad, The Toronto Sun reported of Saturday's ride, which took place in 25 countries and 70 cities.

"We want to get people out of their cars and onto bikes," Paul Nocera, 48, an organizer of the ride in New York, told The New York Daily News.

The ride, also in Los Angeles, London, Montreal and Albany and Portland, Ore., appeared variously to puzzle, irritate and delight bystanders.

"I'm waiting for naked men. I'm single," Melissa Paxton, 26. told the New York Daily News.

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